GICAN (Groupement des Industries de Construction and Activités Navales) is a French professional organization gathering manufacturers from the shipbuilding and maritime sector.

It is supported by several French government organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable development, Transport and Sea, the Ministry of the Productive Recovery and the Secretariat General of the Sea.

Among GICAN’s members there are over 172 major contractors, system and equipment manufacturers, including SMEs, involved in the manufacturing and repair of military ships, medium and large tonnage merchant ships and specialized ships. Most of them supply equipment and systems to the Renewable Marine Energies sector. GICAN also groups the major industrial players in the safety, security and maritime environment sectors, bringing

GICAN’s brings all the necessary skills and expertise together and works to promote them in France and abroad, to improve the strategic positioning of its members in Europe and maximise the exposure of their high technology products and services. It defends the interests of the profession and represents the shipbuilding sector in their dealings with the French, European and international authorities.

GICAN covers a wide range of activities in the shipbuilding industry:

  • Civil shipbuilding and ship repair
  • Military shipbuilding, weapons systems, and the related in-service support
  • Military and civil ship equipment
  • Maritime safety, security and environment
  • Renewable marine energies and other offshore activities

Key figures:

  • 172 member companies
  •  € 8.5 billion cumulated revenues
  • 42,000 jobs

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